About Our Company

When you think of the best, vibrant, original and high quality electrical and electronic components, you should not miss checking out Quantum First Automation Company. Our company is a flexible solution to all electronic components manufactured by our dedicated experts. They used advanced technology to ensure we provided reliable services and products to our esteemed customers. Our employed dedicated team have wealth of experience thus you are assured of quality components. Our certified and resilient electrical product suppliers first identify who they are to deliver the products and then create for them. We provide superior solutions to all electrical problems which impress potential customers by meeting their satisfaction.

Our staff team is dedicated and has in-depth knowledge that helps them assist and answer clients' questions professionally, and they are always ready to help. Indeed, your journey to quality and successful electrical and electronic components does not need to end here. Quantum First Automation company also comes with advanced commercial electronics to our customers that enable them to serve their communities and clients better with solutions that furnish actionable intelligence, which accelerate their decision-making and response times. Boost your electrical and electronic projects by using our remarkable long-lasting components such as motors, resistors, transformers, semiconductors, among others, produced by our knowledgeable and dedicated team who have significant experience of many years in this industry.

We deliver our services on time and before we provide them to our clients, we always ensure that they are thoroughly tested to avoid distributing components that may become fault after repair. Our professional team can diagnose and repair all electrical problems in your home in a cost-effective option. We provide PLC equipment repair services where our PLC technicians’ program, repair, and design programmable logic controller systems. We also manufacture and repair specific firmware’s such as 841-011, 841-010, FL-MHW1A, ZP-MC-CG-21M5, D429-R1ML-G2, DC2C-A1AA, and DC1C-A1AA.

Our company meets quality standards as identified by IS0:9001:2015. It is headed by our CEO Mr. Akhll Gupta (Nick) who have wealth of experience in this industry. His leadership has enabled us to meet client’s satisfaction successfully and this has enabled our company to remain at the top notch ahead of others.

Our mission is to deliver automation solutions of highest quality and provision of best customer service in North America while our vision is to remain frequently focused on providing our customers with quality electrical components at a reasoned fee in various discipline of automation industry in this competitive global market place.

  • Vision

    Quantum First Automation is committed to delivering the highest quality automation solutions and best customer service in North America.
  • Mission

    In the competitive global marketplace, we are consistently focused on providing the customers, good quality and competitive pricing in the various discipline of automation industry.
  • We strongly believe that service is the most important part of any business. We strive to maintain customer loyalty through honest, competent service at all times .

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