SSZ Security Evaluators

SSZ Security Evaluators




Our safety units are used for stoppage of dangerous machines and other equipment, which functioning can be dangerous for people present in their hazardous zone.

They can be also used for signaling and warning about danger for people who will be present in such zone directly or indirectly and their life or health would be at risk.

Units are designed for cooperation with 2- channel sensing resistors-Pressure Sensitive SSZ Safety Devices:

  • SSZ-safety mat
  • SSZ-safety rail
  • SSZ-SSL 05 NBR, 06 NBR, 06 EPDM, 08 NBR, 08 EPDM, 10 NBR and 10 EPDM and
  • SSZ-safety bumper.

Control units supplied by AC/DC (9÷36)V can be used, for example in vehicles and in every place where supply voltage is in given range. Units labeled 230/24 can be supplied by mains power 230V or (after switching position of an internal switch) by AC/DC 24V. In both cases, polarity of plugged cables is not important.

The extension module can be used to get more safety contact and is used for contact extension together with a safety relay according to VDE 0113. Several expansion modules can be connected to one safety relay.


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